My Total Commander configuration

I've recently started playing around with Total Commander, mainly to increase productivity and manage files in a more efficient way.

Total Commander is a orthodox file manager, like Midnight Commander and the discontinued Norton Commander. It offers a plethora of features and plugins for various operations and file integrations.


This are the settings I've found to work the best for my workflow. A lot of the settings I've shamelessly stolen from Helge Kleins website


I'm using slister for viewing PDFs with the F3 hotkey. Be sure to replace SumatraPDF.exe with the newest portable version of SumatraPDF



I've integrated WinMerge as a CompareTool instead of the built in CompareTool. (Word on the street is that this works with other tools such as BeyondCompare aswell) To do this, install WinMerge, and add this to your wincmd.ini:

CompareTool=C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe

WinMerge is now triggered when clicking File → Compare By Content


I'm using the excellent IrfanView for viewing pictures in Total Commander. IrfanView is directly supported in Total Commander, but must be configured as follows:

IrfanView is now rendering the images in lister

Author: Mats Dyremyhr Bakke